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Investing in bodywork is an investment in your health.

Modalities Available:  Swedish, Pre-Natal, Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Couples Massage; Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Injury & Trigger Point Therapy; Polarity, Cranial/Sacral and Chair Massage.  Private & Group Exercise for Alignment Training


"The Spa Experience"  60 min - $100, 75 min - $125,  90 min - $150

Leave the workday behind as hushed music, dim lights and soothing touch allow you to shed the stressors of daily life and tune into the natural rhythms of your body.  Oils and aromatherapy are integrated into this Swedish Massage, smoothing out tense muscles, aches and pains.  Reconnect mind and body through firm but gentle, nurturing touch.

"Fix Pain"  30 min - $65, 60 min - $100, 90 min - $150

This intense but thoroughly muscle-melting massage combines deep tissue bodywork with whole body wellness and recommendations for home practice.

Begin with an in-depth look at how your specific daily habits and postural holding patterns contribute to musculosketal issues leading to pain, injury and chronic disease.  Followed by deep tissue therapies such as:  Trigger Point, Sports Injury Massage, Myofascial Release, and soft tissue mobilization provide the structural release which allow for improved strength and range-of-motion.  Other modalities such as Lymphatic Drainage, Cranial-Sacral, Polarity and Swedish Massage techniques may also be incorporated to create a balanced experience of both mind and body.  Each session is customized to fit the needs of your specific body issues, and "homework" for self-massage and/or stretches is often given to empower you to take charge of your own wellness.


"The Human Body:  Your Owner's Manual"
30 min - $60, 60 min - $90, 90 min - $120
Special Group Presentations Available:  Please call for pricing

Not just any movement, but Properly Aligned movement that stimulates and supports physiology with the minimal amount of wear and tear on joints and tissues.  A kinesthetic educational experience based on a biomechanical model of optimal health.  Using the Science of Physics/Biomechanics to reduce unnecessary joint friction.  Private and group sessions are available, demonstrating how you currently hold your body, what proper alignment is, and taking you through the steps and exercises to get there.

Personal training sessions provide relief from pain and muscle injury by reducing inappropriate forces on your body generated through postural misalignment while improving overall body functions.  Balanced Strength, Range-Of-Motion, and Motor Skill are imperative to your whole healthy body.  This is a first hand learning experience about all the things we were never taught (but SHOULD have been) regarding how to stand, walk, sit and MOVE without wearing our biological machinery out too soon!


Alignment Exercise Classes - Available by Reservation Only.

Your First Class is COMPLIMENTARY!

Want to feel GREAT?  Join us for these Stretch, Strengthen and De-Stress classes.  Exercises are biomechanically designed to teach you how to modify the way you use your body during day-to-day activities to remove unnecessary, inappropriate and damaging forces on your joints that create pain and cause deterioration of health.  Full body movement is essential to proper physiological functioning and optimal health!  Classes for all levels.  Loosen your neck & shoulders.  Limber your lower back.  Relieve stress and strain on hands and wrists.  Stimulate tired feet.  Get the blood flowing through stiff, tired muscles!

What to bring:  Yoga mat or beach towel.  Wear loose comfortable-fitting clothing.  Please note we will be working barefoot.

Thursdays 12:15 - 1:00
Reserve your spot:  805-302-4387
Location:  To be announced at time of reservation - near Ventura College
Your First Class is COMPLIMENTARY!
Ala Carte                                 $15
10-Pack (12.00/class)             $120
BALANCE CLASS*, Tuesdays 11:15 am - 12:00 pm
This FREE class is my way of giving back to our community.  Biomechanically designed exercises focus on regaining strength, range of motion and motorskills necessary for confident, fall-free walking.  Emphasis is placed on alleviating common "shuffling" and other "falling" gait habits, moving from a sitting to a standing position, optimally aligned posture and improving balance.  Exercises are performed seated or standing with a chair in reach to provide any necessary support.  Please bring a yoga mat (or you can borrow one) and wear loose-fitting clothing.  Please note, we will be working barefoot.
Reserve your spot:  805-302-4387
Location:  4243 Telegraph Road, Atrium


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